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Technology is our greatest tool. It touches every aspect of our lives from the living room to the office. So why does such an essential tool give you so much hassle? We understand your pain and are here to help with computer and IT support.

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Doing IT Right

Dedicated service desk and on-site support

In a fast-paced environment where a single computer issue can destroy productivity, a help desk with instant IT support and a robust emergency response plan will help keep your business running smoothly. Call in with an issue and get help right when you need it.

Consistent, ongoing proactive onsite analysis and maintenance

This is one of the qualities that truly stands out as one of the main ingredients for our results. Our clients have experienced over 60% reduction in time spent on IT issues.


24/7 Proactive monitoring

Fall asleep easier at night knowing your systems are being monitored around the clock by IT experts. Any issues experienced by your systems will be identified and dealt with swiftly before it can cause any further IT issues for your business.

Strategic consulting and CIO services

A true partner will have these meetings scheduled out, will meet regularly with executives on a strategic basis, and understand the business workflow, not just the technology, in order to provide the most beneficial and high-leverage input to help the independent business succeed using technology. Properly planning ahead is a key factor for successful IT policies.

Cloud integration and migration

Increase productivity and flexibility while decreasing physical storage requirements in your business with cloud integration. We offer back up and disaster recovery cloud options so that your data can always be restored in case of an IT emergency.


Robust network security and data protection

Cybersecurity is the bread and butter for any competent IT support team. Robust network security includes constant threat monitoring, managing data recovery and storage, and detailed, forward-looking planning for data protection.


Regulatory requirements

Required industry standards can be difficult to meet, and it’s something an IT frim should help its clients do. We help all of our clients in the Troy, NY area meet their standards, including HIPAA and the NYSDFS cybersecurity regulations.


User education and training

The biggest security risk for any company is their employees. A business could have all the cybersecurity in the world but if someone opens the door for malicious malware to enter the system, they’re compromised. Strong IT requires continuous IT training so that users can stay educated and aware of any potential threats like phishers and malware.

Transparency and accountability

Small business owners have a right to know what it going on with their IT. A trustworthy computer support team guarantees 100% transparency so that small business owners can better understand what exactly is being done and why it needs to be done.

Uplifting service and community involvement

We care greatly about out community, just like you. We treat the capital region community and clients like family. Starting this year, we offer 1 paid day for volunteer service and plan to increase that each year, with the goal of 1 week a year per employee of volunteer time.

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