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Groff NetWorks Albany NY

Groff NetWorks is your Managed IT Services company in Albany NY for over 20 years. Call us for Cyber Security Solutions, Computer Support, Information Technology Services, Cloud Solutions and Managed Services in the greater Albany NY area.

Groff NetWorks Albany NY

Managed Sevices

Imagine not worrying about your Information Technology and not dealing with interruptions in service and productivity.

Groff NetWorks Albany NY

Cloud Solutions

Using Groff NetWorks Cloud services will allow you to work in any location with internet access safely and hassle-free.

Groff NetWorks Albany NY


Protect your staff and business from the growing threats of cyberattacks with our cyber solutions and guidance.

IT Partner Testimonials

“Groff NetWorks has made it much easier for me to stay compliant (With DFS cyber regulations and ALTA Pillar 3). They provide all the information I need from an IT department as part of their normal routine for me to fill out the audits. Also, they have been a great help any time we need to change any technology vendors. They make it easy to switch, by being the “point-person” on communication and coordination. In addition, I can reach anybody any time and day. All of these are just like a fully functioning IT department should be. We have great IT reassurance working with Groff NetWorks.” –  

Melissa Clement

COO, SMPR Title Agency

Industries We Partner with for IT Solutions

Professional Services

MSPs provide the tools, strategies, solutions, and further expertise that you need to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. While increasing your efficiency, an MSP can save you money, too. Here are a couple of examples of what an MSP can do for you: Increase your network performance, increase your productivity while simultaneously decreasing your IT-related downtime and of course, increase your protection from cybercrime.


Today’s healthcare environment requires managing a large expanse of medical data. We understand that your workflow depends on 100% uptime. Our services can provide multi-layered cybersecurity, privacy risk assessments, mitigation, and reliable data backup so that you’re able to recover in case of a breach or other disasters. We can also provide you with on-call technicians that are ready to address your emergencies.

Financial Services

When your business solely relies on trust, you need a managed service provider you can count on. Here’s how we can help: We’ll keep your communication lines open and secure to quickly and effectively address client concerns. Protect sensitive information and customer data at all times with 24/7 threat monitoring, detection and response. We’ll make it our job to meet the strict compliance demands of your industry with the help of managed cybersecurity.


We know that your nonprofit organization has high-minded goals. Reaching those goals requires taking concrete steps forward every day. Save your Office Staff from the frustration of trying to do endless updates, upgrades, and patches. Keep your Non-Profit Clients up to date by implementing secure, simple communications channels and file sharing.


A reliable IT infrastructure can help you in certain areas that matter most; designing the future of your business. In an industry that highly values time management and precision, data analytics can help you make data-driven decisions to improve productivity and efficiency. It can also help with effectively reducing downtime and improving connection quality so you can meet deadlines, and deliver the high-quality output your industry demands.


We can help your business thrive and reach its goals by providing the following services; Reliable communication to connect with suppliers and clients around the world. Accessible files anytime and anywhere, securely, through the power of current technology. Get innovative critical security services, like managed firewalls, intrusion detection, a virtual private network (VPN), and antiviral services. Less downtime, more security, and improved connection quality for easier product coordination.

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