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With the hundreds of initiatives on ​a ​CEO’s plate, thinking about ​the​ computer network shouldn’t be one of them. For many, creating and running a business requires attracting and retaining great people. Great people cannot do great work with inferior tools limiting their productivity and growth. Today’s tools and systems deliver superior results for less cost than ever before. The old way of just throwing people at the problem is far too costly today. Do you really want your stellar staff being bogged down by hardware issues or hassle with software subscriptions? From our leadership down to our first level technician, Groff NetWorks operates under the “Servant Leadership” style of management. We first look to serve, not pontificate, ensuring that other people’s highest priority needs are being served. This guiding philosophy transcends everything we do both externally and internally. It’s helped us win awards for our business services as well as the best places to work. We’re happy to help and make that our mission every day. We don’t want people feeling disappointed and let down by technology, we want our clients to feel truly empowered ​to do great things!  We found this time and time again, after stabilizing a client’s network what’s possible becomes clear. Your people have amazing ideas and big plans…that’s why you hired them. Many of their initiatives will, directly and indirectly, involve technology, improving operations, or finding better ways to serve your customers. While working alongside you we meet regularly to provide guidance when you’re at the crossroads on investing in cloud, storage, or additional security. Knowing your business and network, our staff sees firsthand where you want to go, this leads to projects with truly transformative results and immeasurable value.  

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