Cloud Solutions

Be confined by the limitations of your office space no more. Using Groff NetWorks Cloud services will allow you to work in any location with internet access safely and hassle-free. With the cloud you minimize the amount of storage space in your work place and reduce the security risks you face with standard storage options.

Groff NetWorks Albany NY

Improve Efficiency

A lot of businesses are making the switch to the cloud, and with good reason. Using the cloud will increase the efficiency in your business by allowing for work to done outside the office, reducing spending on physical storage, and saving office space.

Groff NetWorks Albany NY

Ease of Collaboration

Accessing and saving files on the cloud is easy and allows everyone to look at and work on the same document, making collaborating with a team much easier. Administrators still have the power to control who is able to view and edit documents while working on the cloud.

Groff NetWorks Albany NY

Anytime, Anywhere

Cloud-hosted severs are not confined to the office space like physical severs are. You and your employees can increase your productivity by taking your work with you anywhere you go on any device.

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