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“I see changes in our culture [since Groff], how we look at our computer systems, how we look at our computing power and our computing infrastructure. We were always putting a band aid on something that was bleeding profusely. Instead of that, we’re ahead of the game now. All our computers have been updated, and we replaced the majority of the computers in the store, at a reasonable and agreed upon time table instead of Willie Neely.”

Jesse Pilger; Technician

Fallon Wellness Pharmacy

Client since: 2013







“I would absolutely recommend [Groff] to any business, not just one that’s necessarily in our industry. What we’ve come to realize over the past couple of years is that your computers, your infrastructure, your digital management within a business is an investment just if it were a hedge fund, or stock, or bond. It usually requires a little bit of budgeting in order to update your computers and everything, but it’s an investment, and it’s going to pay dividends in the long-term. You maintain it just like you would, the health of your vehicle, or…yourself. You take care of that, and you won’t have any catastrophic issues that you have to worry about in the long-term.”

George Doherty; Owner

Fallon Wellness Pharmacy

Client since: 2013


“There are lots of different things that Groff does for us that are really helpful, number one, obviously, keeping our network operational. It’s very, very important to us. We have about 45 users on it, Mac users and PC users, so it’s a fairly complicated network environment, lots of very, very large files, so keeping that up and running is job one.

At the same time, on the client side, Groff provides great desktop support, using a remote tool that they have in place where, if people are having a problem, they just call up and somebody can remote into their desktop and solve the problem and it works really well.”

“We really view the Groff team as an extension of our own company. We trust them, we work with them very closely and they’ve done a great job for us.”

David Shultz; President and Founder

Media Logic

Client Since: 2012

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