Cyber Security Solutions Buffalo NY

Protect your staff and business from the growing threats of cyberattacks with our cyber solutions and guidance.

Risk Assessment

Sit down with our team in the Albany, NY area and create a comprehensive risk assessment for your small business. Understanding where your computer vulnerabilities are, how serious they are, and how to fix them is the first step in having peace of mind in IT.

User Education

Your #1 vulnerability is your users’ ability to do work. Education of users is one of the strongest IT defenses you can have considering 95% of breaches are caused by human error. Ongoing, up to date, computer education is essential for any business.

Threat Monitoring

With 24/7 threat monitoring, you will be aware of any potential threats in your system around the clock. Our tech team will watch over your data and inform you about anything that is presumed to be troubling.

Backup Solutions

Not all backups are able to protect you from things like ransomware. Staying aware of all modern malwares is key, and frequent backups will protect your business from data loss and cyberattacks.

Security Policies

Create an environment of cyber safety and caution in your small business with standard security policies. Prevent network breaches and other security threats from harming your business with clear and strong polices regarding things like proper usage and passwords.

Business Continuity

Keep your business up and running so you can change the world. Don’t lose a second of your precious time with our remote severs and data protection that keep your computer systems running.

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