How To Avoid The “Cash-Flow Crunch” Of A Network Upgrade

If you’re facing an expensive server refresh, network upgrade or expansion, there are two options you should consider to cut costs. The first is moving your network to the cloud. Doing this can often reduce hardware, software and support costs significantly over time, not to mention giving you more flexibility to work remotely and from various devices.

If you’re just not ready for cloud computing or if your specific environment (applications, systems, etc.) won’t work well in the cloud, another option to consider is HaaS or “hardware as a service.” HaaS is essentially a way to pay for hardware, software and services bundled together in a lower, predictably monthly fee, avoiding a hefty one-time cash outlay. You won’t own the hardware or software outright, so you can also write off 100% of the costs in the year you’re purchasing them because it’s defined as a “service” and therefore an operational expenditure versus a capital expenditure.