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Whether external or internal, threats to the security of protected health information (PHI) continue to evolve. In order to ensure the protection of sensitive patient information, the HIPAA is becoming more complex for its integrated delivery systems, insurers, clinics, physician groups and other healthcare organizations to strengthen security postures to comply. Any organization that handles PHI must meet HIPAA security requirements and failing to demonstrate compliance with HIPAA can damage your reputation.
Using a risk methodology tightly aligned with HIPAA compliance requirements, our security experts can help you assess and identify areas for improvement in your security to aid you in meeting HIPAA compliance requirements

Ensure Privacy And Security Of Health Information With Groff Networks:

Secure Web Gateway:

Enables safe and productive access to Web 2.0 while ensuring compliance, eliminating malware risks and minimizing data loss.

Data Loss Prevention:

We allow you to discover and classify sensitive information, thus preventing it from the leaving the network.

Security Awareness Education:

Instruct your employees and other team members to understand the threat of social engineering and help them to follow best practices for security, including safe use of web tools and password management.

Actionable actions

Accelerate Value with Secure Healthcare Applications

Top Reasons To Use Groff Networks For HIPAA Security Compliance

A Partner You Can Trust:

Over the past decade we’ve helped several organizations to secure data and comply with various mandates. When you partner with Groff Networks, you have the confidence that a solution to your compliance problems is never more than a phone call away.

HIPAA Compliance Automation:

Without proper support, even the best security tools will do a little to protect your data. Groff Networks combines innovative technology and data security tools with award-winning customer support in order to maximize the security benefits and guide your organization to compliance.

Lasting HIPAA Compliance:

Our HIPAA compliance solutions not only simplify all your compliance efforts for toay, but also provides you adequate education and resources needed to create a lasting data security protection for tomorrow.

Best Cyber Risk Management and Compliance:

With our deep compliance and security expertise, we help organizations comply with global financial, industry, government and healthcare mandates while helping them to build IT infrastructure and security systems that protect business from security breaches and data theft.

HIPAA Compliance Requirements:

Stop wondering about all your compliance as Groff Networks guides you for a defying path that will help you to identify and apply the appropriate security measures and protect your patients and organization from data compromise.

Award-Winning HIPAA Support:

HIPAA compliance absorbs personnel, time and various other valuable resources from organization. With Groff Networks you can enjoy a comprehensive security services in a accurate, timely manner and is also easy-to-implement. Discover headache-free solution to HIPAA Security with our services.


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