20+ years in IT— Joe has worked in desktop/server technologies since 1996, beginning with WAN client/server support as a Regional Technology Specialist for Kinko’s in Chicago, supporting over 50 branches’ networks and served as the Chicago-area project manager for the first nationwide VoIP telephone rollout with Lucent Technologies, along the way picking up software development in Visual Basic, C# and the early versions of Java. In 2000, Joe left Kinko’s to become a technology writer for Oracle Magazine and CRN, serving as the Java Standards Editor for both publications for several years. In 2004, Joe joined the Wall Street firm OTR Global as an Internet Technology analyst covering major software technologies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Joe left OTR Global to consult for global investment firms assisting businesses in Africa, South America, and Asia. Five years ago, Joe returned his career focus to the US and has worked with several Upstate NY businesses as an operations and technology advisor, including Groff NetWorks and officially joined the firm in 2016 as its Chief Operations Officer. Joe overseas staff, finances, and internal systems for Groff NetWorks.

A fun fact about Joe is that he has a mountain bike made out of bamboo.


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