Managed Services

Onboarding and Orientation

Our Onboarding and Orientation process is the most impactful service we provide for clients, designed to immediately improve the overall effectiveness of your teams’ use of technology. This phase consists of five critical components: Documentation, Network Assessment, Security Review, Implementation and Ongoing Orientation.

World Class Support

Our World Class Support component is driven by our service desk team and is invaluable for clients in averting issues that quickly disrupt services within an organization. Our technicians support your team by accessing the network remotely to resolve small and frustrating “fix-it” issues fast.

Centralized Services

Centralized Services provides clients with a highly efficient IT experience, with our behind-the- scenes Service Desk and Network Operations Center (NOC) team that’s never on break. The NOC handles backups, patching, and updating of your servers and workstations, taking responsibility for setting up global services like content filtering and intrusion detection.

Dedicated Pre-Emptive Days

We practice continuous improvement during Dedicated Days analyzing technical risk and identifying alignment in disaster recovery, network design, and how data is organized. Your Technical Account Manager or TAM facilitates this “go-to” role, aiding in three important areas: Advisor, Standards of Practice, and Documentation.

vCIO Strategy

Our virtual chief information officer or vCIO guides your organization by employing best practices in strategic technology planning and budgeting every quarter. Our vCIO and TAM work closely with you offering strategic counsel for new initiatives facilitated by a deep understanding of the mission, goals, and future direction of your organization.