Managing Remote Teams

When the world turned upside down in March of 2020, hybrid teams and remote work turned into our new normal, which meant a large amount of pressure for our leaders within every industry. The pandemic forced leaders to think and behave in ways that are uncomfortable and unfamiliar. They had to make difficult decisions and help their employees or businesses adapt to changes while keeping the peace amidst uncertainty and different perspectives.

At Groff NetWorks, we have been learning how to maintain the most efficient and effective team while working remotely, as well as listening to our clients about how to improve their productivity. Our team is the most productive when we include all of our team members, regardless of location. Listening to everyone has meant getting the best ideas, collaboration, and success in reaching business targets.

Here are some tips for owners and hiring managers to help keep high levels of productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Prepare your employees for their new normal

Prepare your employees for any type of work setting they will be performing in. During the hiring process, tell recruits what type of setting your workplace provides, whether that is a hybrid team or strictly remote. Screening potential employees for the necessary skills needed to work in a remote and hybrid environment may be essential for gaining the right prospect for your company. Encourage flexibility, productivity, efficiency, integrity, responsibility, and trustworthiness in all employees, old and new, and be willing to model those characteristics.

Time management and goals

When managing a remote team, make sure you layout tips and advice about time management if they work on a hybrid or remote team. Also, state your intentions and goals, whether quarterly or annually, for your employees and the company itself. Give updates, if and as things change. Offer results-based incentive plans to help keep motivation or productivity for your team. At Groff NetWorks, we have implemented a results-based incentive plan, so everyone has a goal to work for and can update each other on their own productivity and numbers.

Communication is key

To develop inclusivity in your new hybrid workplace, you need to create a deeper relationship with your employees. Try and schedule a weekly or monthly check-in with your employees, to build better relationships. Be open to small talk; don’t merely focus on the tasks at hand or only work-related things. Strong relationships and employee loyalty are formulated when you get to know your employees as actual people.

Not everything that is emailed or messages in a team chat is received well. Sometimes messages can be received as rude. Team members should be able to communicate with their team if they find the message to have come off negatively. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Mental health matters

Taking care of employees isn’t limited to payroll and incentives. Mental health, especially during times of crisis, is just as important. At Groff NetWorks, we offer our employees support via Marketplace Chaplains, who are available to listen and connect with employees and their families.

At Groff NetWorks, we take the time to get to know you and your company. We want to make sure that our services and visions complement each other. As an MSP, we keep you updated on any new or old issues — to be as preventative as possible. At Groff NetWorks, a core value of ours is having a servant’s heart. That means we are open, honest, and caring when it comes to our work and our clients. To see if we are the right fit for you, call us at 518-320-8906 or fill out a new client form on our website at: