A few months ago, the hosts of the popular daytime TV show The View were flamed by viewers over a discussion about the benefits of microchipping our babies to keep track of them. However, a surprising number of viewers actually agreed with the hosts, stating that it was a good idea to help find lost children or victims of kidnapping and natural disasters. After all, we do it to our beloved family pets to prevent them from getting lost or stolen, so why not our children? And, devices such as pacemakers have been around for years, saving countless lives.

Controversial or not, implanted microchips are in our future. Many companies are already experimenting with voluntarily implanted devices designed to regulate hormone levels and dose pharmaceuticals or birth control medications. Proponents argue that this is an excellent solution for people with chronic issues or those who may forget to take medications. The US government is developing implantable sensor microchips for use in American troops, supposedly to monitor their health and location on the battlefield. And, implantable chips have been around for years to track livestock. So are we next? Only time will tell.