“We know our old computers slow down good employees but budgets are tight.”

Don’t worry, you are not alone in wanting better computers yet dealing with budget realities. As one of the fastest growing IT support company in the Albany NY area, we at Groff NetWorks hear this a lot from companies who call on us to help them upgrade their PCs.

We get it—getting new computers can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. IT Support and Network Support companies can reduce the pain-points (and cost) of upgrading PCs. It starts with understanding three key things…

1) Understand the math—keeping old computers cost more money than getting new computers. Loss of productivity for a user due to a computer issue can average 20 to 30 minutes per crash/freeze or applications like Excel running slow. This means just a dozen or so crashes/freeze or Excel running slow and the cost to your organization is likely higher than a decent PC or Mac purchase.

2) Understand Cascading—key people need good machines, and by keeping them current, you can cascade their 1 year/2-year/3-year old machines down to other users in your organization, which will likely be an upgrade for them and saves your company a lot of money in equipment while keeping everyone happy. Most small business replace their oldest machines when the old machines die, robbing the budget to keep key employees’ computers current. The best way is to cascade “still good” PCs down and make sure key employees have the computers they need.

3) Keep your licensing flexible by using subscriptions: services like migrating to Office365 or migrating to Adobe Cloud can solve a lot of software licensing issues. By migrating to cloud or subscription based services means the licensing stays simple even though you’ve upgraded PCs. Versioning headaches go away and transferring the license to a new employee or user is very easy and budget friendly.

Network Support companies like Groff NetWorks can make upgrading your PCs less painful. Old computers cost your company real money in real time lost. You can maximize your budget dollars by keeping your key employees current with their PCs and cascading “still good” PCs to other users. The licensing headaches can be removed by using simple (and secure) subscription based services like migrating to Office365 or migrating to Adobe Cloud.