Every day Upstate New York businesses face and solve dozens of problems– from sales to customer service to staffing.  But underneath all that problem-solving is technology: computers, email, networks, servers– these are the things businesses use every day in order to solve business problems.

When your technology breaks– servers go down, viruses hit, etc– the problem isn’t just a technology issue. The problem is that business can’t solve all the other problems that business does so well at solving!

When a server goes down or the email system breaks, the cost isn’t just what the cash outlay is in order to get the system back up and running. Most manufacturers average $40 to $50 per hour in operating expense per employee. Most professional services firms average $60 to $80 per hour per employee.  That is compounded by how they generate revenue for the business. The time lost can stack up fast.

One local small business called us recently. Their CFO estimated that a few hours of down-time costs the company $5,000.  And they were having a lot of computer downtime.

The reason: they hired a “break-fix” computer support company. Typically these are small shops with just one to three staff who run around and fix something that breaks. But availability and expertise can vary, and nearly all of our clients today once used break-fix providers and they were simply “fed up” with continually having to pay for fixes and suffer costly downtime.

There is another way to utilize computer services: with predictable costs; proactive monthly work to keep problems from happening in the first place; always available support staff who can diagnosis and solve problems in real time; continuous back-ups and security; and budget-friendly plans for your IT upgrades so you don’t have massive spending events. It’s what we at Groff NetWorks call the Peace Of Mind IT Solution.

It’s time to fix your break-fix frustrations. By getting into proactive IT, your computer systems stay up so you can stay focused on solving business problems for your staff and customers.