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We believe every small business deserves to have productive, hassle-free, affordable information technology.

The thing that I really appreciate and respect about Groff NetWorks is their ability to be sensitive to our conservative budget as a not-for-profit organization, as well as their support of our mission in the services that we provide

Daquetta Jones

Executive Director, YWCA of the Greater Capital Region Inc.


At no cost, see how your company’s IT fairs. Sit down with one of our experts and take a look at the vulnerabilities your small business contains.


Why doesn’t my IT company know my business?

We believe that all small businesses have a right to a tech department that is matching tech to THEIR business needs. A tech department needs to be great at tech and understand the business that they work with. Click here to contact us.

Why do I feel like I don’t know what I don’t know?

Many business owners we talk to get the feeling that there are some things beyond what they are aware of, but they feel they should know. They realize that this means that there are risks for the productivity and functionality of their business. We believe that small businesses have a right to know what about what their IT could potentially affect. We believe they deserve IT reassurance. Click here to contact us.

Why are my IT systems always going down?

We believe that small businesses should have reliable computer support. Just because someone has a quality IT department (good technically) doesn’t mean they have a sound process to stay ahead of potential problems. Click here to learn more about the proven process we have for our clients.


We don’t have a modern security plan.

We believe that small businesses deserve to be protected. There might be secure things in place, but without the right process you may not have the robust computer security plan you desire. Click here to contact us.

We’ve outgrown our current IT.

We get it. With growth comes growing pains, and the capabilities of a dynamic IT company are essential for a growing IT company. It requires a process AND foresight to accommodate high growth of the business that is supported. Contact us.

We always seem to have IT problems.

We believe it’s easy to always chase problems. It’s more challenging to build a process that GUARANTEES prevention of computer issues. Click here to contact us and find out how to prevent network problems and keep them prevented.


My IT guy needs help, is leaving and/or has left.

We got a guy. But more importantly, we have a process and a friendly team that guarantees you won’t have this gap in computer support ever again. Contact us.

I don’t know what my IT provider is doing for me.

We believe a process that guarantees great results includes full transparency, and engages clients so they know what is being done with their network. A process like ours allows you to react to IT problems, prevent future ones, and have a plan for the business. Contact us.

What we’re getting isn’t worth what we’re spending

When all you get is someone answering your computer questions and solving your problems, your IT infrastructure value will be low. However, if you know what you could do with technology, the benefits to your small business are great. Find out what your technology strategy should be today, contact us.

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  • We believe small businesses have a right to a tech department that matches tech to THEIR business needs.
  • We believe small businesses deserve reassurance, and awareness on how IT could affect their business.
  • We believe small businesses should have reliable IT.



  • We believe small businesses deserve to be protected.
  • We understand your pains. Dynamic IT is needed for growing businesses.
  • Our process guarantees IT problem prevention.


  • We have a friendly team that follows a proven process.
  • This process includes full transparency, and client engagement.
  • We help small businesses plan ahead, creating a high value IT infrastructure.